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Bowman Yacht Chaters

Creative Escapes in Cornwall

If you’re a lover of the beautiful Cornish coast, why not dive deeper into the culture and stunning landscapes on a creative adventure with Bowman Yacht Charters? In a sea of technology, photos and selfies, you can get back to basics, closer to nature and make your very own image using raw materials that’ll last forever.

Artist retreats are becoming increasingly more popular, as the need to take some time for yourself, escape into nature from a hectic lifestyle is being felt more and more. And what better escape than to the big blue? On your own yacht, you’ll have total peace and privacy if you choose, allowing an area of calm you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. You can also change your view whenever you like, move to a better spot and get those incredible reflections you can only get a glimpse of from the shore.

It’s an entirely different way to get a memento of your trip, to capture your viewpoint in your own style and expressed in a way that is entirely distinctive to you. You don’t need to be a professional artist, and it may not be a phenomenal work of art you create, but it will be a unique memory of your time in Cornwall and your trip down the gorgeous south coast.

Whether you opt for sketching pencils, pens, watercolours or oil paints, let your creativity fly and see what you make. You can get the whole family involved – perhaps your child’s handprint to show just how big they were when you had your Cornish trip away?

Any of our four beautiful, well equipped yachts would be the ideal base for your trip. With plenty of options from half day and full day trips, up to 7-day adventures, with the choice of a bareboat or skippered charter, you can tailor your Cornish artist’s escape to suit you.. So grab your sketching pad, canvas and paint brushes and start your artistic adventure in Cornwall.

Ready to put pen to paper? Get in touch today to start planning your trip.


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