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Foraging in Cornwall

Searching for wild food, known as foraging, is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. There’s been a surge in recent years of restaurants offering dishes made from foraged ingredients, and a number of specialist cookbooks highlight the benefits of sourcing your own food.

When it comes to what items to forage, many people’s first thought is gathering mushrooms, however there is a whole host of options out there to discover. Cornwall’s wild and varied landscape is a wonderful source of natural food sources, from both land and sea. Take a look at some of our ideas for foraging in Cornwall…

On the coast

Foraging around the Cornish coast means you can bring home a great selection of fresh seafood and other tasty ingredients. Comb the rocks and rock pools for prawns, shrimps and limpets, while buried in the sand you could find cockles and razor clams. Falmouth Pontoon is also well known for its shrimp population, and crabbing off harbour walls is a fun, rewarding activity the whole family can enjoy.

September to April is the best time to collect fresh mussels – be sure to only collect those that are approx 5cm long; larger ones tend to be more rubbery, while smaller ones haven’t developed enough flavour. There is also a huge amount of edible seaweed to be found on the Cornish coast, with over 400 different species providing great sources of nutrition.

Further inland

Away from the shoreline foragers can find an extensive range of wild food, including wild asparagus, thyme, fennel and fragrant wild garlic amongst the fields and hedgerows. Take a look at the Wild Food School guide to see just how much can be found in the Cornish countryside.

Don’t forget

It’s important to remember the etiquette and legalities surrounding foraging. Experienced foragers advise that you should only take what you need, respecting the environment and breeding seasons. Doing your research to ensure everything you collect is safe to eat is also very important. It is illegal to uproot any wild plant without permission, to collect from protected species or to trespass on private land.

Getting out and exploring the coast, coves and inlets around Cornwall is a wonderful way to create some special memories with your family and friends. Bowman Yacht Charters can offer a comfortable, convenient way to visit some great foraging spots. We can provide skippered charter trips with a member of our experienced team, or bareboat charters where one of our three beautiful yachts is yours for up to a week.

To find out more about yacht charters in Cornwall, including our advice for a great day out, longer trips and the refreshments we can supply to ensure you have a brilliant time on the water, get in touch with the Bowman Yacht Charters team to discuss your next adventure.

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