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Top tips to combat seasickness

At one point in time, all of us have been affected by sea sickness. Yes, even the most salty sailors have come up against the dizziness and nausea during a trip in open waters on occasion

The good news is it can be overcome, and if you’re keen to book a yacht charter in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly, but are worried about sea sickness ruining your trip, we’ve got some top tips to help you prevent or treat seasickness.

1) Keep an eye on the horizon

As sea sickness is partly caused by mixed signals between your eyes and your inner ear, focusing on the horizon helps to give your brain a steady point of reference.

It will allow your brain to properly register the boat’s movements, helping to prevent or minimise symptoms.


2) Get a good lungfull

While you’re watching the horizon, it’s a good chance to be out on deck, breathing in lots of fresh sea air. It is great for clearing the head, helping you to feel more balanced.


3) A dash of spice

Lots of people are keen to try a natural remedy for sea sickness. Ginger has been used for hundreds of years to treat sea sickness, and there are now lots of ways to take ginger, depending on your preference.

Maybe you’d like to brew some fresh ginger tea, perhaps you’re keen to bring a bag of candied ginger to munch on, or you might prefer ginger capsules. Multiple studies have shown that ginger can be an excellent way to stop sea sickness.


4) Under pressure

Pressure point bands are becoming increasingly popular for all different types of motion sickness. These thick elastic bands, often called sea bands, have a bump on the inside that needs to be in a specific position on the inside of your wrist – a recognised acupressure point.

Many people find that this steady pressure really helps to prevent nausea and dizziness at sea, and although it doesn’t work for everyone, they’re fairly easy to purchase and try out.


5) A trip to the pharmacy

Perhaps you’ve tried other options with no success, or maybe you just want to take some medication to ensure you have an illness-free trip – either way, there are lots of anti-sea sickness medicines available.

Your doctor or pharmacist can advise you on the different types, from those that can calm the inner ear to others that minimise nausea. They usually come in tablet form, to be taken before you set sail.


We believe that everyone should get the chance to enjoy life on the ocean waves, and a yacht charter aboard one of our beautiful boats is an excellent way to experience Cornwall from the water.

Don’t let sea sickness ruin your day, or put you off the chance to create some wonderful memories. Give our tips a try, and call our friendly team to get your charter session booked.

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